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Product Name: 2-hydroxy-4′-(2-hydroxyethoxy)-2-methyl-propiophe

Other Name: Photoinitiator 2959; Irgacure 2959

CAS No.: 106797-53-9

Formula: C12H16O4



Assay: 99%


CAS 106797-53-9(Photoinitiator 2959) may be used after adequate testing in UV curable formulations on substrates like wood, metal, plastic and paper. The hydroxy functional group enhances the compatibility of CAS 106797-53-9(Photoinitiator 2959) in water-borne coating formulations.


CAS 106797-53-9(Photoinitiator 2959) demonstrates low volatility and low odor as a pure substance as well as in cured films, compared to other commercially available photoinitiators.


A further important feature of CAS 106797-53-9(Photoinitiator 2959) is the potential to react the hydroxy functional group to form a grafted photoinitiator onto a resin backbone, resulting in system with minimum extractability of the photoinitiator.


Due to its unique secondary properties CAS 106797-53-9(Photoinitiator 2959) is especially recommended when high temperatures and air circulation are required for water evaporation prior to UV curing of the coating and for formulations where minimum residual odor is required, e.g. in printing onto food packaging.

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CAS 106797-53-9(2959)