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Product Name: 1,1'-(Methylene-di-4,1-phenylene)bis[2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-propanone]

Other Name: Photoinitiator 127

CAS No.: 474510-57-1

Formula: C21H24O4



Assay: 99%


CAS 474510-57-1(Photoinitiator 127) may be used after adequate testing alone or in combination with suitable co-initiators, such as Photoinitiator 379, Photoinitiator 819 for UV curable inks and in coating formulations for applications on paper, wood, metal and plastic materials. Its red-shifted absorption spectrum makes it especially suitable for UV curable inks and in general semi opaque systems.


In these applications it delivers properties like very high cure speed and low odor. In UV curable inks it gives (in combination with other photoinitiators) outstanding surface cure properties. Low sensitivity to oxygen inhibition associated with reduced emission are of particular interest for overprint varnishes and for top coats for wood parquets.


In UV curable cationic inks and coatings the use of CAS 474510-57-1(Photoinitiator 127) as a co-initiator together with e.g. Photoinitiator 250 has been demonstrated to result in an exceptionally high-performance formulation.

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CAS 474510-57-1(127)