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Product Name:1-[4-(Phenylthio)phenyl]-1,2-octanedione 2-(O-benzoyloxime)

CAS No.:253585-83-0

Synonyms: OXE-01

Catalog No.: ND191159



Assay: 99%


CAS 253585-83-0 may be used,after adequate testing in UV curable photoresist formulations either alone or in combination with other photoinitiators or sensitizers. 

Imaging applications in color filter resists and resists for manufacturing of black matrix for display applications may be of specific interest.CAS 253585-83-0 has in addition been found useful in photosensitive polyimide formulations, in spacer terials for LCD,in microlense materials,in overcoat layers and in dielectric or insulating layers. 

Due to the outstanding absorption properties CAS 253585-83-0 exhibits at low concentrations an outstanding curing performance in highly pigmented resist formulations without resulting in yellowing of the final product. 

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CAS 253585-83-0