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Product Name: Diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide

Other Name: Photoinitiator TPO

CAS No.: 75980-60-8

Formula: C22H21O2P



Assay: 98%


Photoinitiator CAS 75980-60-8(TPO) has an absorption wavelength of 273-370 nm, and it has a wide absorption range. The effective absorption peak is 350-400 nm and the highest value is 420 nm.


In the visible light region, there is strong absorption at the 380nm-400nm wavelength, and the absorption curve can even extend to the visible region of 480nm.


The absorption peak of Photoinitiator CAS 75980-60-8(TPO) is longer than conventional photoinitiators. After the light, two radicals of benzoyl and phosphoryl groups are formed, and since they all have a polymerization function, the photocuring speed is fast.


CAS 75980-60-8(TPO) usually be used in the white systemcan be used in UV cure coatingsprinting inkUV curing adhesivesoptical fiber coatingslight stabilizerlight polymerization formestereo surface plate resincomposite materials and teeth filling material etc..

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CAS 75980-60-8(TPO)